Christmas Handicaps 2017

The Senior Christmas Handicap will be based on the Redcar parkrun on 30th December and the Junior Handicaps at Redcar Junior parkrun on 31st December. Should either of these events be cancelled then the next relevant parkrun to take place will be substituted.

To take part, members must be registered with parkrun and take their barcode to the parkrun as normal (no barcode, no time and no handicap!!). You run the parkrun event in the usual way adhering to parkrun rules and once the results have been published the time in the tables below are subtracted from the actual published times to give a net time - the runner with fastest net time will be the winner. Trophies will be presented at the presentation night in April. Anyone missed from tables below that wishes to take part please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 29th December with details.

Seniors (5k) (aged 15years +) RESULT

 di at park

Dom Shaw 00m00s   Lisa Bennett 05m21s   Tony Slater 10m26s
Mark Shaw 00m01s   Charlotte Ellis 05m42s   Helen Whitney 11m22s
Andrew Wiles 00m28s   Chris Whiles 05m30s   Kerry Welch 11m02s
Lewis Gamble-Thompson 00m33s   Patricia Speedie 05m46s   Cheryl Hepples 12m23s
Darren Thom 01m09s   Rebecca Tilley 06m13s   Robert Graham 11m38s
Hassan Ben-Tiba 01m10s   Paul Clennan 06m01s   Donna Blackwell 11m33s
Dean Newton 01m28s   David Paley 06m05s   Jen Howse 11m27s
Daniel Gunn 01m35s   Andrew Hart 06m06s   Louise Worsey 11m27s
Dominic Dunn 01m37s   Philip Noble 06m10s   Richard Oliver 11m38s
James Allinson 01m56s   Andrew Phinn 06m35s   Jenny Parker 12m01s
Sam Garratt 01m51s   Shelli Gordon 06m32s   Abigail Thompson 12m02s
Martin Murray 02m01s   Thomas Bunn 06m48s   Jill Sexton 11m57s
Andrew Pearson 02m30s   Kerry Neesam 06m39s   Kerry Clark 12m17s
Paul Brown 02m45s   John Spraggett 06m42s   Amanda Waller 12m22s
Glenn Farrell 02m56s   Laurence Everitt 07m01s   Jim Conaghan 12m24s
Thomas Aspin 03m03s   Kellen Hadfield 07m01s   Carolyn Watts 12m56s
Clive Thornton 03m05s   Dawn Sulley 07m05s   Barbara Kettle 13m03s
Tom Danby 03m07s   Stewart Hart 07m26s   Lauren Pennock 13m47s
Elias Ben-Tiba 03m26s   Martin Gunn 07m27s   Lesley Petford 13m27s
Michael Lyth 03m35s   Nicholas O'Grady 07m32s   Pam Best 13m46s
Michael Smith 03m38s   Kian Wildmore 08m05s   David Matthews 13m50s
Dominic Shipman 03m46s   Joanne Goldsmith 07m40s   Mark Standen 13m42s
Neil Youngson 03m57s   Robert Ray 07m44s   Graham Hall 14m01s
Simon Clements 04m06s   Luke Parnaby 08m03s   Julian Wilkinson 13m58s
Neil Walker 04m08s   Charlotte Stonehouse 08m06s   Sarah Nicklin 14m19s
Elicia Smith 04m12s   Rebecca Aspin 08m38s   Victoria Mussett 14m20s
Allan Wilson 04m22s   Jordan Thrower 08m04s   Lesley Parratt 14m36s
Sharon Bulman 04m24s   Gary Sivills 08m05s   Colin Scollay 14m43s
Julian Wardman 04m26s   Jessica Tyerman 08m21s   Philip Miles 14m56s
Paul Cleasby 04m27s   Zoe Cuthbert 09m01s   Helen Tyreman 15m00s
Andrew Tullock 04m29s   Sarah Gunn 09m15s   Diane Hall 16m00s
Kay Neesam 04m32s   Emma Beaumont 09m21s   Lorraine Allamby 16m16s
Eli Barnbrook 04m36s   Michael McGurk 09m40s   Terry Saffin 16m28s
Kath Aspin 04m35s   David Learoyd 09m28s   Debbie Hunter 16m42s
Molly Shaw 04m40s   Caroline Chinnock 09m38s   Sue Crust 17m30s
David Aspin 04m46s   Louise Danby 09m40s   Louise Allamby 17m39s
Simon Welch 04m51s   Douglas Scott 09m48s   Mandy Lynch 18m04s
Stephen Mussett 04m51s   Brian Allen 09m56s   Michael Harper 18m45s
Andrew Sugden 05m05s   Anne Houchen 10m10s   Nikki Fraser 19m34s
Alice Rigby 05m09s   Ronald Sherwood 10m14s   Bridie Coombes 20m08s
Katie Coulson 05m18s   Jeffery Moulder 10m12s   Steven King 22m13s
Scott Mann 05m15s   Michelle O'Grady 11m08s   Samantha O'Hara 24m56s

Junior (2k) There are two junior trophies: one for Minnows members and one for Junior Members (upto 14 years old on the day)


Matthew Chinnock 00m00s   Zoe Coates 02m06s
Charlottte Bennett 00m01s   Erin Lax 02m07s
Jack Farrel 00m27s   Hollie Welch 02m24s
Matthew Downs 00m33s   Geogia Richmond 02m27s
Riley Middleton 00m39s   Autumn Bradley 02m27s
Isobelle Troop 00m57s   Patrick Whitney 02m27s
Essie Croce 01m02s   Isobel  Dacey 02m37s
Sebastian Pearson 01m02s   Charlotte Gunn 02m38s
Aiden Colmer 01m03s   Oliver Richards 02m57s
Joshua Shilton 01m06s   Hannah Gunn 03m00s
Tom  Halton 01m07s   Sophie Russell 03m17s
James Renn 01m25s   Callum Hodgkiss 03m17s
Sophie Dickenson 01m27s   Olivia Lee 03m27s
William Young 01m27s   Charlie Fraser 03m27s
Nathan Marshall 01m28s   Libby Park 03m37s
Grace Tansley 01m37s   Bethany O'Grady 04m03s
Elliot Smith 01m37s   Charlie Fraser 04m48s
Emily Brown 01m49s   Samual Eddon 04m57s
Tilly Croce 01m57s   Annabelle Thomas 05m27s
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