Locke Park 20Ten Miler - 28/10/18

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Better weather than March for the 20 miler, with a slight scare the day before in some areas!  As it happened the rain stayed away until we were clearing up.

In the 10 Mile Race Paul Brown lead from the start, 2 weeks after a 2:48 at the Yorkshire Marathon he came home 1st in 58:25 with Adam Mead 2nd in 61:48 and Jack Hustwitt 3rd in 62:40.  For the Ladies Kay Neesam was 1st, 65:28, Trish Speedie 2nd 72:37 and Dawn Sulley 3rd, 77:50.

The age graded 1,2,3 were Kay Neesam, Shirley Gibson and Jim Conaghan.

In the 20 mile race Stephen Walker was 1st in 2:11:41, Andrew Ackerley 2nd in 2:14:50 and Paul McGough 3rd in 2:23:06.  For the Ladies, Angela Turnbull 1st 3:10:54, Caroline Chinnock 2nd 3:12:07 and Louise Barrow 3:18:18.

The age graded 1,2,3 were John Spragget, Andrew Ackerley and Steven Walker.

Full Results and list of prize winners below.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who made the race possible and happy birthday to Graham who gave up his special day to organise it!


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