East Hull 20 - 24/03/19



East Hull 20 by James Allinson
As part of our London Marathon training, Paul Cleasby and I decided on a journey to Hull for the ‘East Hull 20’. The race is billed as the ideal 'warm up' for the London Marathon. Falling 5 weeks before the big day this should give us chance for a good 20 mile blast and plenty of time to recover.
Paul has done the race twice previously and his description of it being the 20 mile equivalent of Snake Lane 10 is spot on in my opinion. 
My race day goal was to average somewhere in the region between 6:25 – 6:30 per mile and finish with something left in the tank. The first few miles as you would expect passed without any problems. I’ve suffered with a pain in my lower right leg for the last couple of weeks and was very conscious of it in the early stages. It seemed to settle though and by the time I had passed through 10k it was forgotten about. 
The East Hull 20 route takes in long and exposed country roads with at times no shelter from the elements. In the second half of the race we had a few miles running directly into a head wind which at that stage of the race in my opinion felt absolutely BRUTAL! So much so that I decided to change the screen of my Garmin so I couldn’t look at my current pace. 
After a bit of sulking and an energy gel I managed to get to the finish in 2:11:01 which averages at 6:32 pace which I am fairly happy with and would have taken that before we set off……The massive positive split however not so much and it certainly wasn’t the controlled effort I had planned. 
Paul finished in 2:18:04 and after checking his Garmin stats in the car on the way home had hardly left the green zone of his heart rate! Paul’s splits were much more controlled throughout than mine. Strong running as always. 
The race its self is very well organised. It has great support from the marshal's and I wouldn’t hesitate to make the journey again as part of a marathon build up. The course is flat other than a few bumps and in good conditions, it would be fast. East Hull Harriers even include a post-race buffet as part of your entry. After refuelling we made the journey home and I still have no idea if the race memento is a thin towel or a flag? Who knows?!
Once I have recovered its back to the final few weeks of marathon training. Although that pain in my lower leg is back….Not ideal.
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