NEYDL- Whitley Bay 20/05/18


Report by Helen Jones

Another glorious sunny day in Whitley Bay, I must say I could get used to this weather.

Our team was smaller than our last match because of exam commitments, illness, injury and the usual family occasions.  However this led to an enormous team spirit, everyone encouraging every performance.  People were prepared to have a go at anything intermingled with some spectacular individual performances, resulting in a wonderful day.

Among the many highlights of the day was the breaking (again) of the League Javelin record by Charlie Jefferson. Well done Charlie you will break 50m yet!! Our intensive relay training earlier in the season, ensured we got the baton round and made a decent showing in this area. We had the only pole vaulters of any of the teams. And we had a healthy showing in the girls long jump and many of the throws. In her first High jump competition, Georgia managed to be the last one standing and cleared 1.18m! Well done to all, brilliant effort.

The low lights included me having to spend the day in my slippers having forgotten my trainers!!


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