Northern League Match 2 - 09/06/13



Report by Patricia Speedie

Claireville Stadium – 9th June 2013


For me this was a day with a difference, much different to road racing and not what I was used to.


Upon arrival at 11am, I entered the stadium and was quite overwhelmed by the size and the noise of that start gun, that’s enough to make anyone run fast! 


I looked at the track and thought “no, that’s never a 400m track, is it?” Indeed it was, “surely I don’t have to run around that 7 times for the 3k?” I’m afraid so!


It still looked far too big but Gemma Parkin assured me it would be just like the usual track sessions we do and kept saying, “you’ll be fine, you’ll be fine, just follow me,” hmmm ok Gemma, maybe one day I’ll catch you!


I walked up the steps and into the stands where all the New Marske Harriers were sat, each putting numbers on their vests and looking at the list of events they were going to take part in.


This time there were lots of new faces for me, not the usual people I’m so used to seeing when I’ve turned up to an event, great to meet some more New Marske Harriers, at last!


It was nice to watch all events, so much going on at the same time it was quite exciting, even while waiting for your event to start there was plenty of refreshments which kept you going all day, great facilities all round!


Although I was only in a handful of events it was still a memorable day and quite an experience, especially when I was given the chance of shot put, “well at least I tried and no I didn’t hit anyone!” I mixed with some great contenders.


I think all who were involved made an excellent team and worked together extremely well, even the officials who did a fantastic job.


 Well done to all New Marske Harriers who competed and I’m definitely looking forward to attending another meeting in the future!


If we can match this in the final two fixtures we will have consolidated our position in the division!

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