New Marske Harriers

Cross Country Awards Scheme

Cross Country Season

Shall run from 1st September to 31st March.

Awards Age Categories

Male & Female:

Under 11, Under 13, Under 15, Under 17, Under 20, Senior, Veteran 1, Veteran 2, Veteran 3

Qualification for Age Groups

Under 11's qualify from 8th Birthday to 11th Birthday.

Minimum age for Under 13 age group is 11, ie from date of 11th Birthday.

All other age categories are based on age on 1st September.

Veteran age groups start at 35 for women and 40 for men and cover a 10 year period.

Scoring Events

Except for under 11's, the scoring events will be the NYSD fixtures plus either the North East Counties Cross Country Championship or the North of England Cross Country Championship (or their successor equivalents)

Under 11's age group awards will be based on best four NYSD events only.

Scoring will be, for NYSD races 12 points to the leading New Marske Harrier in each age group (inc VET categories within races), 11 for second etc and starting at 15 points (14 for second etc) for the Championship races.

To qualify for an award an athlete must have a minimum of 3 scoring events and a maximum of 4 events. Where an athlete has more than 4 scores, the highest scores will be used thus:

Aggregate of best 4 NYSD Scoresor

Aggregate of best 3 NYSD Scores + Best Championship Score

whichever is highest.

In the event of a tie in any category, a joint award will be made.

Overall Club Champion

This will be awarded to the Male and Female winner of the above age group categories with the highest total points scored in all qualifying fixtures, discounting the lowest score.

Typically this means 6 NYSD ixtures and 2 Championships - total of best 7 scores.

Team Player Award

A Team Player award will be awarded to those athletes who complete all NYSD league fixtures as scheduled

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