Locke 20Ten Results

LP20 2020 start


Additional Photos from Laurie Everitt

The provisional results are below for the Locke Park 20Ten. 

First over the line in the 10 mile was Lewis Gamble-Thompson in 52:47, winning the first edition of the race named after his Grandad Harry. 2nd was Chris Callen in 58:50 with James Allinson 3rd in 60:34.  For the ladies, Pauline Brown was 1st home in 72:38, Dawn Sulley 2nd in 75:21 and Shirley Gibson 3rd in 88:12.  Aged Graded, Shirley Gibson was 1st with 87.7%, Lewis Gamble Thomspon 2nd with 83.4%, Pauline Brown 3rd with 83.2% and Mark Gamble-Thompson 4th with 82.1%

In the 20 miler, Michael Littlewood was 1st home in  2:05:05 , Michael Parkinson was 2nd in 2:06:16  and Andy Love 3rd in 2:06:33.  For the Ladies Kay Neesam was 1st in  2:19:37, Sarah Roe 2nd in 2:29:12 and Patricia Speedie 3rd in 2:32:20.  Age Graded, Kay Neesam was 1st in 84.4%, Andy Hardy 2nd with  83.8% and Michael Parkinson 3rd with 80%.

LP20 2020. finish1mgt

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