New Marske Harriers

Parkrun Championship

Open to all members of the club who run at any 5k parkrun, and whose results are recorded on the parkrun website with "NEW MARSKE HARRIERS AC" as the club.

How does it work?

The New Marske Harriers parkrunners are divided up into leagues of between 25-35 members based on each individual’s best age related percentage score, prior to the start of the year, which runs from the first Saturday in November through to the last Saturday in October of the following calendar year. 

Base Score

Each runner has base score, which is their best age related % score minus 20.


The score for each run is calculated using the age related % score for that performance minus the base score (thus each run has a “par” score of 20)

Note: As of November 2017 instead of using parkrun's published age grade data, the WMA 2015 figures will be used to calculate the age grade for the purpose of this competition. More details


Each league will be ranked on the total of the best FIVE scores for each runner.


There will be an award for top ranked runner in each league at the end of each year.

New Members

New members or new parkrunners will need to have 4 qualifying runs and will then be added to the appropriate league, and only scores thereafter will count towards  his/her ranking.

End of year

At the end of the October the leagues will be reformed to start again the following week as above but using the best performance from the current year.

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